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And then we snapped – 5/10-11/10

Another week of “And then we snapped”. Remember to follow the link at the end to go around the blog circle.

This week, the kids went back to school after having two weeks off. Back to school week is always a little more chaotic than other weeks, especially as we get used to waking up early again (me in particular). But I have to say, after I dropped the last one off, I breathed a big sigh of relief. Aaaahhhh, peace! Quiet!! Me time!! Of course, the only time I really take photos is when the kids are around, so my week still looks like it wasn’t at all relaxing.

5th October – I love that we live so close to the beach. Having a son in a wheelchair, we don’t get to utilise it as much as we’d like to, but I love that it’s there anyway. Whilst I’d love to live in the country, I can’t be too far away from the coast. That’s what’s so perfect about the Gold Coast – you can live semi-rural and only be 10 minutes away from the surf.


6th October – She’s been having nightmares lately about ghosts. She was so upset one night that I even let her sleep in my bed.


7th October – He’s going to school next year, so I don’t have many more days like this where it’s just the two of us. I’ll miss these days, so I’m taking advantage of them whilst I still can.


8th October – Daddy was coming home with a new car, so the kids spent a lot of time at the front door waiting for him. In all our time together, we haven’t had a second car and I’ve been a taxi service to everyone. And that doesn’t go down well if you’re a man who needs his wife to drive him places. That all changed today. He now has a car he can call his own, and the effect it will have on his personal freedom (and us as a family) will be huge.


9th October – Wiggedly masked. She found an old wig and a mask that my sister brought back from Vienna. She looks so very different and so grown up.


10th October – Now that he has a car with roof racks, we can finally take the surfboard down to the beach. This was the first time its been in the water since Santa delivered it last christmas. Julian took all the kids out for a ride, but James totally lucked out when he had dolphins swim around him, within arms length. What a special treat for a boy whose life is so compromised and difficult.


11th October – It’s time for Christmas card pics. I chose their outfits, but James wasn’t happy with what I put him in and made it quite well known. It’s hard to find clothes for him as most don’t fit (thank you Duchenne and 8 years of steroids), so we really have to make do with what DOES fit him. In the end, whilst the blue wasn’t the right shade, he looked so darn handsome. But standing on a beach is difficult for him, so I had literally 5 minutes to get a decent pic of all 4 of them together. Oh well, I’m pretty happy with the end result considering. Christmas cards have now been ordered – I’m on top of things this year!!


Hopefully I’ll see you next week for another “And then we snapped” post. Until then, follow the link to see what my talented friend Lori has been up to.

  • Jana - The blue is the perfect shade on him Sharyn <3 Your dd DOES look so grown up in that beautiful mask! Boo to nightmares, and yay to hot chocolate <3 Fabulous week!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - Oooh Sharyn. Wonderful wonderful week! The b&w shot waiting for the new car!! Perfect!! And the Christmas card shot? Holy moly. Totally jealous of your location. Lol! Gorgeous shot. You’ve inspired me. I just may do one of my kids and do Christmas cards this year…ReplyCancel

  • Lori - I truly love reading your words & seeing your images! Gorgeous week!ReplyCancel

  • Kim De Araujo - Beautiful documentation of your week! I LOVE the coffee shop images!ReplyCancel

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