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And then we snapped – 16/11-22/11

It seems each week I just make it in, with my deadline on Tuesdays at 10pm (AEST). It’s now 8:18PM and I’m finally writing my blog entry. That’s cutting it fine!!

Here in Australia, on the Gold Coast where I live, summer has arrived with full force! With temps in the mid ’30s and humidity high, the days have become quite uncomfortable. And I know it’s only going to get worse. We seem to spend most of our weekends indoors where it’s air-conditioned, only coming out late afternoon and heading down to the beach were the breeze blows and cools us down. I hate summer here. It’s quite horrid. Winter is amazing, spring and autumn are lovely, but summer? Summer is horrid.

Of course, with summer comes the holiday season. The kids have two more weeks  after this week until they finish their school year, and have 6 weeks of summer holidays. I look forward to school holidays, I love the thought of not packing 4 lunches every morning, not worrying about clean school uniforms, and not doing the school run. I plan in my head all the things I’m going to do with the kids to keep them amused – movies, swimming, road trips, catching up with friends, baking, and relaxing. But my joy doesn’t last the full 6 weeks. By the end of week 4 (sometimes even earlier), I’m praying for the end of the holidays. It’s funny how we think the grass is greener and it never is. Both school and holidays have their perks, and most definitely their cons. But the kids won’t be young forever, so I still think (deep down) that I prefer the holidays and spending quality time with them. If only they would stop fighting with each other . . . .

This past week, again, has been busy. This time of the year always is. I spent time in Sydney with James, as he returned to the Children’s Hospital for another follow up assessment for his Ataluren drug trial. This time, we were pleasantly surprised to see Kristy Rose, James’ first ever physiotherapist from when he was originally diagnosed at 2 years of age. She is returning to work after an extended maternity leave, and will be assessing James as part of the trial. It’s so nice dealing with someone we both know and love.

Anyway, onto this week’s images . . .

Up, up, and away . . . On our way to Sydney, just James and I, and as usual I’m amazed at the fact a plane can fly!!


Hanging out at the airport. Drug trials are often a waiting game . . .



This is how I feel most days, chasing rainbows.

As most of you know, our 10 year old son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It is a 100% terminal and incurable muscle wasting disease that affects mainly boys. Children with this disease will most likely die in their teens or very early adulthood, with some dying even earlier. My son is currently taking part in a drug trial to hopefully buy him a few extra years, and we have been down in Sydney this week for yet another check up visit.

Life with Duchenne can be an uphill battle of dark, sad and rainy days, but we all have to live with hope. Hope that a cure will come along. Hope that our son will last longer than most. Hope helps us through even the most miserable of days. This image represents how most Duchenne parents feel, or in fact those parents of any child with a chronic/terminal illness. This image represents Hope. Hope that the rain will stop, the clouds will clear up, and the sun will come out. Hope that the colours of the rainbow will bathe the earth in her beauty, and the glow of the sun will dry up the puddles and light up the world.

Hope. Because that, and love, are all we have to keep us going.


My camera might be a really good camera (and even expensive), but it doesn’t do all the work.

I do.

A lot goes into producing an image that could be considered as art, compared to a typical snapshot. I spend hours making my visions come to life, drawing inspiration and knowledge from the amazing community of photographers and artists I have immersed myself in, constantly doing workshops to learn new techniques and fine-tune my work.

And even though there are many photographers out there who will charge you $200 for 500 images, I can honestly say that you pay for what you get. My prices reflect my work and the many hours I put into it.

This photo below didn’t just “happen”, it took hours of editing and redoing to get it just right. That’s what you pay for.

And it’s worth it.


My muse. Because every artist needs a muse.


I don’t know about your kids, but my kids are completely OBSESSED with TY Beanie Boos!! Obsessed, I tell you. Charlyse has even written out a list to Santa Clause listing every single TY Beanie Boo that she wants for Christmas – I think she’s listed around 27!! And now the other two little kids are joining the Beanie Boo obsession! This one below is Rocco, just in case you were wondering.


I saw this recently done by another photographer and, in my obsession for learning as much as I can, I knew I just had to try it. It’s not great, but it’s not a bad effort either. I’ll only improve with practice.


So that’s yet another week down, and another week closer to 2015. WOW! When did that happen? I’m not ready for 2015. I’m not even ready for 2005!! Somewhere along the line, I lost track of time. Anyway, speaking of time, I’ll be back next week with a new post full of images. In the meantime, you know what to do. Follow this link and you can see what my gorgeous and talented friend Julie Moses from Jujujems Art and Photo Studio has been up to. Keep on going around the circle – you’ll be glad that you did. xxxxx

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  • Ally - That b&w image of your son in the airport really touches me, especially with his story. What a special boy you have.
    Beautiful week, friend. <3ReplyCancel

  • Julie Moses - You know I have to say that boat composite is pretty damn good in my opinion! I haven’t done one of those yet. That just might have to happen this next week! I am in utter awe of the bw airport image. Perfect symmetry and conversion!ReplyCancel

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