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And then we snapped – 14/12-20/12


It’s Christmas this week. Can you believe it? It only seems like it was Christmas yesterday. I don’t know about you, but here in my home we are in full christmas swing. We’ve also had a week of visitors, most of them nice but one of them not, and I’ve been constantly ducking to the shops to pick up last minute presents once I realised that I didn’t have equal amounts for each child and one child in particular was missing out compared to the others (and not just unequal by a present or two, but by a lot).

So here’s our week in a snapshot (or seven) . . .

One of my dearest friends, whom I met when we lived in Singapore (and she still lives there), came to visit with her three children. It was lovely to catch up with Kim and the kids, I just wish we all lived closer to one another. She’s one of my dearest friends who truly gets me, on every level. We had a great time talking, laughing, and crying, and I know that will carry me through for another 18 months, until I see her again.


It’s been a week of visitors. This week, we also had another visitor – the kids’ cousin Summer from England. She came and stayed with her dad, and the kids truly welcomed her into our home. I think she was quite taken with the Australian lifestyle – she took to it like a natural. Unfortunately, her stay ended much sooner than we had hoped due to circumstances beyond our (and her) control, and the kids were distraught to see her leave. They miss her terribly. If Summer ever comes back to Australia with her mother, she is more than welcome to come and stay again.



It’s the perfect time of the year for dinner parties, and we had a Christmas-themed one. My gorgeous friend Fran and I designed a menu and thought up simple table decorations that could be made from recycled materials. The food was pretty darn good, if I say so myself, and the table looked beautiful. We were lucky to have Fran’s husband Nic, a professional photographer, take photos for us whilst Fran and I were busy in the kitchen. This is one of his shots, edited by me. These were 2 of the 3 entrees – smoked chicken tarts and mustard crusted beef bites. YUM!!!!


And in keeping with the Christmas theme, considering all our kids were there, we organised for a special guest to come and visit. I think he was a big hit with the little ones.


And here we are, with only days to go until the man in red comes to visit on his sleigh pulled by reindeer. This is my favourite time of the year – I love Christmas. I love the magic, the anticipation, the excitement. We don’t believe in god, so Christmas doesn’t represent anything religious to us. But it does represent hope and family and love and togetherness and giving. It reminds us of those that mean most to us, and seeing their faces when we give something to them is better than any present received in return. I wish more people would love christmas for what it is, as so many seem to forget when they are pushing and shoving in shopping centres, or running people off the roads because they are in a hurry, or blowing up at dinner parties because they took something the wrong way and causing a scene and storming out, effectively ruining everyone else’s moment. I wish more people would be thankful for what they do have, and not for what they think is missing in their lives. Too many people will never be happy with what they have, even though they are richer than many. To be surrounded by loved ones, to be warm and safe and happy – that’s everything!



My next post won’t be until after Christmas has passed, so I want to wish you all the most wonderful of days this Thursday. Be safe, be humble, be grateful, be loving, be kind, be generous, and be gracious. Tell those around you that you love them, and try to keep tempers down if something bothers you. It’s one day, one day to all be happy together, one day to sit down to a table and share a meal, one day to say “I love you”. If we can’t do it year round, perhaps just try and do it for one day. And then, maybe one day will turn into two, and two days will turn into three. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

Until next week, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!

And don’t forget to follow the circle, and see what my beautiful and very talented friend Nadeen, from Nadeen Flynn Photography has been up to.

  • Jana - Oooh your dinner party looks beautiful and yum that food looks DELICIOUS! I’m sorry your niece had to leave suddenly, she looks right at home with your kids. Merry Christmas Sharyn <3ReplyCancel

  • Lori - lovely week, Sharyn! beautiful sunset & love your santa & sleigh images!ReplyCancel

  • Ally - I always enjoy reading your words while looking at your beautiful images. You are such a kind, sweet person. I am so happy to know you! <3ReplyCancel

  • Julie Moses - I am always completely enthralled with your images and the way you describe them! I am also very impressed with your composite work and look forward to seeing more over this new year!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny Wilkerson - Amazing! Love your images as much and Wow on the santa in the sky!!!ReplyCancel

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