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And then we snapped – 28/11-03/01

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015!!! And welcome to my third year of Project 365.

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love the holiday season I’m glad it’s over. Now we can have some fun, and not worry about things being closed due to holidays, or worry about having so many social engagements. The last two months of 2014 were so busy!!

This week, we had our new year celebrations up in Surfers Paradise, with a picnic in the park followed by fireworks on the beach. Now that’s something we could never have done if we still lived in England. Speaking of England, my sister is visiting. She moved back to Australia from London, arriving on Boxing Day. She came up on Monday and we love having her here with us. And I’ve missed her terribly – she’s one of my best friends.

Anyway, here is the week that was.

Seeing in the new year from the sand dunes at Surfers Paradise.


Charlyse, engrossed at the movies – we’ve seen so many movies already these holidays. And, with 3 more weeks to go, there’s still plenty of movies to see.


January 1

Here we go again, another year of daily photos. I can’t believe I managed to do this for two whole years, and am embarking on my third. Many people ask how I can keep it going, but the truth is I don’t set strict rules, I keep it flexible. If I miss a day (or three) here or there, it’s no big deal. I always take enough images to fill those gaps if I want to. The hardest part is keeping up the commentary, which I will try to do again this year, but there are days where i will just post and think “That’ll do!” and write nothing. And that’s okay.

So here we are, day 1. I liked this photo, it’s quite a good photo to start off the year. Here’s Paddy, peeking around the corner to see what 2015 has in store for him. We’ve had a rough couple of years, particularly with James getting older and watching him deteriorate in front of our eyes, and I know that won’t get easier this year. However, I’m determined to make this year even more amazing than ever for him, and our other 3 children. With time against us, it’s important to see and do as much as we can, and already I’m planning some fantastic things to do over the next twelve months, things that will create awesome photo opportunities – of course!!

So take a seat, make yourselves comfortable, and welcome to my ride!!


We went to the pirate park, so of course he wanted to go as a pirate.


January 2

She is my third child. But she has the middle child syndrome. She can be so difficult, always comparing herself to her older sister, who has long blonde hair and blue eyes and is tall & slim. Saraya will never be tall and slim like her sister, or have blue eyes. But I’m trying to help her see that she is an incredible beauty all to herself and, more importantly, a unique one.

I grew up with a sister who continually tried to compete with me, who felt she lived in my shadow. Our relationship was strained for most of our childhood and continued into adulthood. And because of that, I haven’t spoken to her in over 4 years. I probably never will again. But I don’t want this to happen with my girls. So I point out Saraya’s gorgeous hazel green eyes, her beautiful coloured hair, her incredibly wicked sense of humour, her kind heart, and her inquisitive & brilliant mind. She’s not like her older sister. She’s different. And that’s how each child should be – different, individual, independent, unique.

She used to frustrate me, and she still does most days. But that’s only because she still feels “left out”, and that’s felt even more having a brother with a chronic illness. They are all left out in some respect, and no more than James. And so I make a concerted effort, to let them all feel special and loved and unique. But I have to make more of an effort with Saraya. She’s the one who seems to feel it the most.

But just look at her – she’s beautiful. She’s amazing. She’s special. In exactly the same way that her siblings are, but also in a different way. I just hope one day she truly realises that, and embraces it. And in the meantime, I’ll just keep reminding her of that fact.


Mummy, Mummy, take a photo of me!!!

Well, okay then . . .


A couple of Saraya from New Years Day, in an effort to prove to her how pretty she is. She asked for each of these images, and then said “can you please edit them mummy, so I can see them?” And, of course, I did just that.



January 3

It was supposed to be a movie day, we were off to see Night at the Museum 3. The kids were excited, even I was excited (I love those movies – I’m such a big kid!) But alas, when we went to pick up our movie tickets from the counter, the seat I had left vacant in the middle of the four purchased tickets had been taken. I had left a seat vacant so I could arrange a Companion Card ticket, as I was accompanying my wheelchair-bound son. They could only be arranged at the counter, in person. And when I got there, the seat had been sold.

We cancelled our tickets and had our money refunded. But the kids were disappointed. So I took them to Zaraffas, a nearby coffee shop. And I unashamedly ordered them each a frappuccino (non-coffee, of course). I sat them at a table, and then took a seat at the table behind them. I left them to drink and chat amongst themselves, whilst I just watched them. They had fun. They laughed, the talked, they drank their fraps, and they all got brain-freeze, which they then laughed about. So my mummy-fail wasn’t a total fail. And the best thing is, we’ll go and see the movie later on in the week. Everyone ends up being a winner.



So now the fun starts. No more making teachers’ presents, no more Xmas concerts, no more parties, no more Xmas shopping or wrapping. No more hiding gifts around the house. Now we can be on holidays, and do things as a family. It should give me plenty of photo opportunities, I hope. So please come back next week and check in to see what we’ve been up to. In the meantime, you know the deal – follow the link to see what my incredibly talented friend Julie Moses has been up to.

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