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And then we snapped – 11/01-17/01


I don’t know about you but, whilst I love school holidays, I’m usually completely over it by the end of week 5. And that’s how I’m feeling now. I just need some time to myself again. We’ve tried to stay busy these holidays, but the past 2 weeks have been pretty miserable, weather-wise. Still around 30C and 90% humidity, but rainy. That’s January on the Gold Coast – hot, humid, and wet. So here we are, just into the final week of school holidays, and I’m ready to get the kids back to school. And that includes Paddy, who will finally be starting big school. He is going into Prep this year, and it’s kind of bittersweet – my baby is off to school! But you’ll read all about that next week. In the meantime, here’s my last week in photos. Enjoy.

Day 11

Shower time. My kids have always had baths, ever since they were born. It was always easy to pop them all in together, without getting wet myself. Of course, as they get older, they prefer showers. Sari is getting to that stage. She still loves languishing in the bath, but I love that she’s now just as happy to have a shower instead. And the fact she can now wash her hair all by herself is a bonus.




Day 12

The weather has been crappy since the new year. Today was no exception. And with our car being out of action for a week, and expected to be so for another whole week, we have found ourselves spending most of our time at home. Today, this is where I found Paddy – lying on the floor playing Skylanders on his xbox. And on a day like today, I didn’t really care. He played happily, he didn’t make a fuss, and he was quiet. All in all, a pretty good result. But tomorrow? Tomorrow we really HAVE to get out!


This is my view down the hallway most days . . .


Day 13

“Let her sleep. For when she wakes, she will move mountains.”
― Napoléon Bonaparte

IMG_2458copy Lensbaby

Day 14

Freelensed – my first attempt. A person has to start somewhere, right?

IMG_9968 crop facebook

A few of my photog friends have inspired me to try free-lensing, and I can tell you that they totally rock it!!! But they’ve had a bit of practice, whereas little ole me is only a beginner. Today, again, I tried. And most of my pics were complete failures, which is to be expected. But I managed to take one that didn’t make the trash. And thanks to a lovely and talented friend of mine, who took an amazing photo of her little one in front of the tree, her inspiration moved me to take this image. That’s the great thing about surrounding yourself with other photographers – the inspiration they give is almost worth more than any single workshop.


Mummy, take a photo of me in my cubby!!!


He made a cubby in his room.


Day 15

The school holidays are almost over. And after a hectic and tiring (and rainy) few days, I decided that we needed to get out this afternoon as a family. So we went to the movies, together, for the first time in a long time! We had all been wanting to see Paper Planes, ever since we saw the first trailer, and it didn’t disappoint. I think I even saw Julian shed a tear or two, through my tears.


Day 16

I used to be able to put all 4 children in the bath together, and they would all play happily in there. But as they all grew, it went down to three, and now there are only two. They could honestly spend hours in the bath together, laughing and splashing and making bubble beards, but I know that it won’t be long before they too will insist on having a shower by themselves.

They are growing up. Too fast. And my water bill is going to end up very expensive!


Day 17

And so, just before bed, she read them a story. A story to entice the imagination to produce beautiful dreams, so they would sleep soundly.


And there goes another week. Remember to come back next week, and in the meantime click on this link and check out what my friend Julie has been up to.

Have a great week!

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