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And then we snapped – 18/01-24/01


Today has been an emotional day. You see, all 4 of my children started back at school today after a 6 week break. Today, my eldest 2 went into year 5, my third child started Year 2, and my youngest started Prep. I no longer have babies, they are all school children. And that realisation is hard to accept, because I can still remember the day each of them was born like it was yesterday. Only it wasn’t yesterday, because they are now all at school. Life moves way too fast, and I don’t like it. So make sure you come back next week to see photos of their first day.

In the meantime, here’s last week in photos.

Day 18

With James back at the Westmead Childrens Hospital (this time with Julian), I took the opportunity to take the other 3 kids out for a day of “normality”. In other words, we had a Duchenne-free day.

I drove them down to Byron Bay, the most easterly point on Australia’s mainland, and they spent the afternoon bodysurfing (all by themselves – their dad would have been so proud of them!). Then as the sun began to set, I drove them up to the lighthouse. We walked down the headland, and then back up to the lighthouse to watch the sun set. It was amazing.

And I took away a few photographic memories. Just so we can remember what it feels like to do what other normal families do. That said, I couldn’t wait to see James the following night. I miss him when he’s not here.

Byron Bay Lighthouse Sunset Facebook

We had a lovely day out. And after walking down this path, from the lighthouse, and then all the way back up again, the kids were exhausted tonight. Oh, and I should add that I love trying out my HDR processing on Photoshop.


My last one from our trip to Byron Bay yesterday. And yes, it’s been altered. Just a little. I’ve been having some fun with photoshop.


Day 19

EEEEKKKKK!!! It finally arrived! My gorgeous Erin Condren yearly planner was delivered today. Now I can start keeping record of all my appointments, photo sessions, ordering and deliveries in style! If you are like me and prefer a gorgeous hard copy planner (I hate digital books, magazines and planners), then check out https://www.erincondren.com/


Day 20

Because some days it really is okay to not take a photo. And when that happens, you revisit some of the photos you took a few days earlier. In this case, I merged 3 images together to create this HDR image of the Byron Bay lighthouse, taken from the path leading down to Little Wategos Beach.


Day 21

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
~ William Shakespeare “Romeo & Juliet”


Day 22

Hoping for a strike.


Day 23

Because, apparently, TY Beanie Boos love movie days when it’s too wet to go outside. And yes, our Christmas tree is STILL up. I just don’t want to take it down.


Day 24

Because LIFE is a journey that no one should have to travel alone.

IMG_3145facebookSo, now that the kids are back to school, normal life resumes. That means I have a little more ME time, time to get things done, time to work on myself. But that is going to be a whole other story, and an entirely new blog. So stay tuned. In the meantime, follow the blog circle by clicking on this link and see what my gorgeous and talented friend Shelley from Time to Play Photography has been up to with her two adorable boys. I never tire of seeing their sweet faces!

Until next week, cheers. xx

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