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And then we snapped – 25/01-31/01

And suddenly, my home seems quiet and lonely.

Yes, this week the kids went back to school. After six weeks off over Christmas, the new school year began this week. I am now the mother of 2 Year Five children, a Year Two child, and a Preppie! I can’t believe all my children are now at school. Believe me, I have gone through many tissues this week. I miss having a little friend to hang out with.

Anyway, enough of the whining. Welcome to another week in my life. If you are joining me for the first time, then please make sure you click on the link at the end and follow the blog circle around all my talented photographer friends. You’ll be inspired by all their gorgeous shots.

Day 25

The sun sets behind the lighthouse. I’m so glad I captured that beautiful golden light.

365-025 resize

Day 26

And so it goes.

Today was Australia Day. Not that we celebrated it at all. We stayed inside, where it was cool, only going outside to hop in the pool. We didn’t catch up with friends or family. It was just us. Instead, today we labeled numerous books and school items for all four children.

Yes, all four.

Tomorrow begins a new era. An era where I no longer have babies or preschoolers. Tomorrow, my youngest child will start school. And the thought of that makes me both happy and sad. Happy, because he is so excited and I just know he is going to thrive and do well, and he will make friends and begin the journey to discover what he is passionate about in his life. But I’m also sad, because my youngest is no longer a baby. I’ve had babies for so long, and I’ve loved having them. But tomorrow, tomorrow that all ends. Tomorrow, he will be a child on the fast track to adulthood. And it will be fast. My last born is growing up, and that makes me sad. Sad that I no longer get to hang out with him on Wednesdays and Fridays. Sad that I won’t get to watch him at Little Kickers on Friday mornings, or take him to swimming lessons followed by mummy-Paddy time at the nearby coffee shop. I know he will always be my baby, but I wish he could also stay my baby.

It’s weird, I thought I’d be okay, but I’m really not. This marks the end of one era, and the beginning of a new era tomorrow. And I really don’t think I’m ready for it. I’m not ready for James and Charlyse to go into Year 5, and I’m not ready for Saraya to start Year 2, and I’m certainly not ready for Paddy to start Prep. Where have the past (almost) 11 years gone? When did my children suddenly become so much older? I don’t understand why so many people wish their children’s lives away, so that they can start living their own lives again without the “burden” of childrearing.

I just want my kids to stay kids forever. I hate that time passes by so fast. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day for Paddy, and his siblings. And I’ll have a big smile on my face and I will be unable to contain my pride. But inside I’ll be bawling my eyes out.

Am I alone on this, or do others feel the same way?

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Day 27

Today was an eventful day.
Today was a huge day.
Today, I watched my four children go to school, including my youngest who had his first day.
Today, I was a very proud mummy who tried hard to keep the tears at bay, and failed miserably.
Today, I saw my children take one step closer to adulthood, on a journey that I can’t stop or slow down.
Today, I could do nothing but cheer them on, encourage them to take that next step, and watch them as they ventured further from my grasp.
Today, I laughed and cried as I watched my (not so) little ones, my former babies, enter their classrooms and look at who they would be spending the next 10.5 months with.
Today, I came home to an empty house, and it seemed so quiet.
And tomorrow, we’ll go through it all over again, only without tears this time.
I’m such a proud and lucky mummy!

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Day 28

Admit it, you loved doing this when you were a kid.

365-028 resize

Day 29

NIght time entertainment.

365-029 resize

Day 30

An evening walk. Not really, she’s way too young. But I did want to see if the driveway lights would illuminate her body as she walked past. I’m so glad she doesn’t mind being my model. LOL!

365-030 resize

Day 31

Do any of you have a best friend? One that you’ve had since childhood? And you’ve managed to stay friends all these years, through thick and thin? I don’t. I’ve never really had a best friend, one that I could call MY best friend and nobody else’s. But Charlyse has a best friend, a girl she’s been friends with since year 2. And they are close to inseparable. If they could, they would spend every waking minute together. I am so envious, I would have loved to have that sort of best friend. I hope they continue being friends for a long time together, hopefully for the rest of their lives. They said to me today, the worst thing about meeting your best friend at such a young age is that you probably will grow apart. I hope that won’t be the case, I hope they will be two of the lucky ones. Because really, they are so perfect together. And they are both so good for each other.

365-031 resize

So let’s see, that’s another week down so next week will be Week 6? Wasn’t Christmas only yesterday? Oh well, I’ll be back this time next week with another week in my life. In the meantime, follow the blog circle by clicking on this link and see what my gorgeous and talented (and incredibly busy) friend Julie Moses has been up to. You will love her images!

Until next week, cheers. xx

  • Ally - What a great post this week. You are a few steps ahead of me…my youngest starts school in the fall and I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. They grow up so fast!!

    Beautiful week. Loved the lighthouse one! That light is amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Jana - Oh Sharyn, beautiful images and my mama heart hurts a bit reading about all your littles heading off to school <3 It will be my turn for that in September so hopefully you will have words of wisdom for me!ReplyCancel

  • Kari - I totally agree that watching our babies grow is bittersweet. I look forward to the new adventures and watching the person they are becoming, but I yearn for those little baby snuggles and soft baby skin. Beautiful pictures this week!ReplyCancel

  • Julie Moses - What an emotional and amazing week documented perfectly and gorgeously!ReplyCancel

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