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And then we snapped – 02/01-21/02


I have a lot to catch up on this week. Firstly, I haven’t posted in three whole weeks! I’ve been sick, and it’s gone on for so long that it’s really gotten me down. I just can’t stop coughing! It’s finally getting better, but 4 weeks is a long time to cough and wheeze. And because of that, I haven’t slept well, so that makes me grumpy as well as coughing and spluttering. I’m telling you, I haven’t been a fun person to be around. As well as that, we have had horrible weather. January is usually our wettest month, but this year February has taken the crown. Not only have we had some rainy days and loud thunderstorms, but we also had a Category 5 cyclone hit around 500kms further up the coast, and it sent lots of horrible weather down our way. Because we hadn’t had enough bad weather already. Apparently.

Anyway, I knew I had to jump back in this week and catch up big time! So here it is. Sorry for the huge share, but I promise I’ll be back to weekly from next post.

Day 32

Is it just me, or is Paddy now taller than Saraya? He’s 18 months younger, but it looks like he’s just overtaken her! I think he’s going to be a very tall boy.

365-032 resize

Day 33

Exploring . . .

365-033 resize

Day 34

Waiting. Patiently.

365-034 resize

Day 35.


365-035 resize

Day 36

It was rather windy at the beach today.

365-036 resize

Day 37

Who knew Cinderella liked working in the rain?

365-037 resize

Day 38

Because doesn’t everyone need gumboots to sweet the driveway clean after a storm? Pink gumboots?

365-038 resize

Day 39

Because being a dad isn’t always fun and games, and it’s certainly not without pain, but there’s nowhere he’d rather be.

365-039 resize

Day 40

It’s one thing to find a beautiful location, but it’s another thing to have it all to yourself.

365-040 resize

Day 41

Working out . . .

365-041 resize

Day 42

Surfie chick bum . . .

365-042 resize

Day 43

A fun family day out to the beach isn’t fun when your son with Duchenne is suddenly faced with the stark and heartbreaking realisation that there won’t be many more beach trips like this. A lover of the water since he was a baby, he no longer finds joy in it. He has no energy, he can’t walk on the sand, he tires in the water, and he hates being pushed in the beach wheelchair. We had many tears, and a great many meltdowns. This is what you don’t see, you only see the happy family memories, but you don’t see the devastated look on a little boy’s face when he realises his deteriorating body can no longer withstand outings like this. It casts a very dark shadow on days like this, and life in general. We are both feeling very fragile and emotional today, and that overwhelming sensation of spiralling down into the depths of darkness seem to be moving fast upon us. Much faster than we anticipated.

365-043 resize

Day 44

. . . and breathe!

365-044 resize

Day 45

Another day, another swimming meet. This time, she came away with a Bronze medal for freestyle. I love that she loves swimming.

365-045 resize

Day 46

I had to check out the Brisbane Botanic Gardens for an upcoming photoshoot. I think Paddy started getting into the swing of things whilst we were there.

365-046 resize

Day 47

My newest purchase, after my sapphire Kelly Moore 2-Sues finally had its last day. This new one, the Mustard 2-Sues, is almost just as pretty as its predecessor. I love my Kelly Moore camera bags!

365-047 resize

Day 48

With bad weather making itself known, this fella was looking for a dry place to hang out.

365-048 resize

Day 49

I didn’t get out much this week, with rain and wind continuing, and a cyclone up the coast sending us even more. So this is a photo from our day to Brisbane Botanic Gardens. It’s so pretty up there, I can’t believe it has taken us 5 years to discover it.

365-049 resize

Day 50

What do you do when a cyclone is bringing so much bad weather? You stay indoors and treat your Beanie Boos to a movie day, of course.

365-50 resize

Day 51

The rain was terrible today, so I edited this funny photo of Paddy from the Botanic Gardens – his laughing face makes me laugh as well.

365-51 resize

Day 52

The cyclone is no more than a storm now, but the rain has remained. It eased enough to get outside for a quick few photos, before it started up again.

365-052 resizeSo you know the routine by now. Follow the blog circle by clicking on this link, and see what the gorgeously talented Kari from Kari Ganske Photography has been up to.

Until next week, adieu!

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